Monday, July 16, 2012

Dave Dyment Project At The Power Plant

Dave Dyment has created two new works in response to the Power Plant's archive as part of their Dissenting Histories: 25 Years of the Power Plant project. The first work, shown above, Is It What It Is and Other Questions is a 10 foot LED sign  that contains a series of one thousand questions taken from the Power Plant Gallery's archives, including correspondences, contracts, interviews, guestbook comments, questionnaires, and inter-office communiqués. These vary from the philosophical ("Does that mean time is a figment of our imagination") to the practical ("Will there be a dinner?"). 
The second project, shown below, HÖFER CRATE consists of an eBook of 100 pages, boxed with a nine-panel accordion fold print of polaroids from the Power Plant archive. The project documents works by Candida Höfer that arrived for exhibition at the Power Plant damaged. 
These works will be exhibited until August 26th.

Bill Burns Project in Esopus 18

The current issue of Esopus contains an project by Bill Burns, storyboards from Ivan the Terrible Told in the form of Dogs and Boats and Airplanes. Two samples are shown below.