Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Projects by Dave Dyment

Born on a Train

Dyment's newspaper project is a text about cinema, the railway, and filming in Toronto. Launched on November 19th as part of Jess Dobkin's Artists' Newsstand at Chester Station, Born on a Train is illustrated with photographs of the 'ghost station' of Bay Lower platform taken in collaboration with Lee HendersonThe project is the third offshoot from Dyment's  ongoing film project Substitute City.

Turntable Performance

As part of a program curated by Eleanor King for New Adventures in Sound Art, Dyment performed a turntable duet with Roula Partheniou at The Box Toronto: Studio and Theatre on November 21st. Accompanying the performance was a short lecture tracking the origins of one of the first 'mash-up' or 'bastard pop' songs.