Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bill Burns' Donkeys, Goats, Honey, and Salt

Bill Burns has a busy summer and autumn of donkeys, goats, honey, and salt.  He would like to invite you in case you are in the neighbourhood for some of his events. 

In May, Bill will premiere his new film A Chant for the Power 100 and the Fine Art Film Festival at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Venice, California.  The Chant features the voices of Alan Gasser and Emma Whitla in a Georgian Chant arranged by Alan Gasser.

In early June Bill will be in Vienna, Austria completing production of his new artist's edition and sound work The Power 100 - 2007-2016 with Austrian publisher Mark Pezinger Verlag.

On June 13 Mr. Burns will launch his new edition at the I Never Read Book Fair in Basel, Switzerland.  On June 14 the new audio work will be featured on an I Never Read radio intervention at Basel.  The book fair coincides with Art Basel.

From August 30 - September 2 Bill will be performing the first part of a long duration performance work at Atelier Amden near Zurich, Switzerland. The work involves a donkey and a load of salt in addition to some goats, some milk, and some honey.

From September 7 - October 7. The Contemporary Arts Showcase (CASA) in Athens, Greece has invited Bill develop a long duration performance work that involves, container ships, freight trains, bunker oil, pack horses, timber, olives, goats, bees and some singing.

Sara Graham at Surrey Art Gallery

Sara Graham's piece Thornton Railyard, Surrey #4 (2015) is one of the the works in the group show Flow: From the Movement of People to the Circulation of Information at the Surrey Art Gallery. The exhibition includes work by Val Nelson, Soheila Esfahani, Brendan Lee Satish Tang, and many more. The show runs until June 10th, 2018.